Soapcentral Spoilers 9/15

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Soapcentral Spoilers 9/15

Post  JohnnyAngel on Sun Sep 14, 2008 8:02 pm

Soap Central Spoilers For Wk Of 9/15
Thread Started Yesterday at 12:15pm

Spoilers for the Week of September 15th, 2008 by Ravenbeauty

Lulu tells Nikolas that she has no intention of running away.

Anthony and Trevor's scheme hits a snag.

Jax continues to keep Carly at arms length.

The jury reaches a verdict.

Jax and Diane don't see eye to eye where Kate's concerned.

Sam lets Jerry believe that she's in all the way.

Carly considers Spinelli and Maxie's advice.

Nikolas makes Nadine a very surprising offer.

Johnny and Lulu are reunited.

Patrick learns a shocking secret.

Carly strikes out when it comes to online dating.

Lulu gets a surprise when she goes to visit Laura.

Patrick is disgusted by Noah's behavior.

Alexis and Diane commiserate over their love lives.
Spoilers for Next Week

Robin's friends and family throw her a baby shower.

Lulu is worried that something is wrong when she sees Laura.

Carly and Jason decide to attend Kate and Sonny's wedding together.

Maxie gives Robin and Patrick advice on baby names.

Anthony proves that old habits die hard.

Spoilers for Down the Road

Sonny and Kate get married.

Sonny's new outlook on life is tested in a big way.

Karpov's hidden agenda begins to unfold.

Sonny and Jason all but declare war on each other.

Max's father comes to town and is immediately smitten with Diane.

Jax shows his ruthless side again.

Matt's real reason for being in Port Charles becomes clearer.

Nadine and Nikolas grow closer.

Edward feigns financial difficulties to get out of jury duty for Johnny's trial, but ends up playing a key role nonetheless.

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Re: Soapcentral Spoilers 9/15

Post  jasefan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:14 pm

Thank you Luckygirl.. Bravo!

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