Wubs Sopoilers 9/23

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Wubs Sopoilers 9/23

Post  Guest on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:36 pm

My opinions are in blue.

**Kate's wedding day dawns, but she's got a bad feeling about it all...we know she's shot, do we know if she'll walk again? Interesting.

**Olivia whispers a secret at Kate's bedside, one that has to do with Sonny's DNA.Oh joy,Sonny's got a kid.Great just great,just what we need.

**Who shot Kate? AZ but Sonny's out for Karpov's blood. Damn,didn't see that.

**Tracy wants Johnny to know exactly what he's facing with Lulu.She would know

**Nikolas thinks Lulu needs a change of venue to get well. Maybe.

**Jason goes along with Max and Milo's pretense that they run 'dabusiness" That'll backfire.

**Who's the most upset about Kate's past? Maxie! Oi.

**Nikolas wants to buy Jax's half of the Metro Court.Wow!

**It's Robin's turn to ask Patrick if he'll marry her. What will he say?

**Monica delivers the news about Kate's operation to Sonny.It'll be good.

**Nadine's snooping on the docks gets her into trouble. Hope she doesn't end up hurt.

Word on the street is that Johnny takes Lulu out of Shadybrook to the wedding.

Kate's shot in the chest and is taken to GH Skate haters will be happy,I'm thinking.

Liz is injured Yay!

Liason's trip is on hold Again,yay!

Nadine feels EMILY'S presence in Wyndemere. Creepy!

Diane doesn't like the look in Max's dad's eye! Not good.

Did you hear that TG is going to be on the Night Shift finale too?

Vincent Pastore is in the building! Taping is starting for Max and Milo's dad. Seems they told him they are a bit higher up in the "organization" than they really are! Truth will come out.

Ric and Claudia: New Couple Alert or just Lust? New couple!

Sonny realizes he can never be free of his past; either personal or "work" related Dang!

SpinMax step out to the wedding Spin's in Heaven!

SEAN AND TIFFANY alert! They are taping for NIGHT SHIFT!! No word on their coming to GH yet...

Diane and Alexis want to wear the same thing to the SKate wedding!! Catfight?

Nikolas is determined to find out who started the clinic fire Hope he finds out it was Jerry.

Alexis gives Jerry the heave-ho and Sam a piece of her mind Finally! But she'll be sorry.

Sasha makes a threat to Nadine Oh no she didn't!

Olivia and Kate have a blow up on Kate's wedding day. Catfight!!

Nikolas and Lucky try to make Alexis understand Sam's plan She'd better listen.

Jason takes a tip from Sonny and sends Liz a dress barfing

Spinelli gets his hopes up too high. Oh dear.

LIASON fans: Great stuff coming up as Jason and Liz make promises to one another. barfing

Maxie talks to Matt about being a Drake Huh?

Robin's health may bond brothers Patrick and Matt. Good?

Carly finds out about Connie. FINALLY. And she will be pissed!

NEWBIE "mysterious" doctor in town soon. Jaffer Chaudhry will play him. He's a 26 year old hottie from St. Albans England. Does he know Leyla?


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Re: Wubs Sopoilers 9/23

Post  jasefan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:17 pm

Thank you.. flower

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