Wubs Spoilers 9/27

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Wubs Spoilers 9/27

Post  JohnnyAngel on Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:22 pm

**Inside: I hear there's a big "Futureama" coming ala Desperate Housewives and LOST. Stay tuned because this will be in November.

**RUMOR: Spinelli is Sonny's son. Now, some are saying it will be a "split" Spin with Bradford Anderson doing a dual role. "Dante"...(Dante and Damien, heh..what an OMEN!!) I hear he was given up at birth, and his name changed.

**RUMOR: THE STING may happen..only it's not with Jason/Sonny. ..it's with Sonny and Claudia! Stay tuned!!

**Sonny tells Jason: Step Aside, I want back in!

**Anthony has a nasty plan up his sleeve

**I hear Ric goes ballistic when he finds out about Trevor and Cardia!

**Tracy has her own ideas about Laura

**Johnny leaves Lulu for "her own good" which sends her deeper into depression

**Patrick finds out about Sonny's son

**Scrubs WILL set a date

**Nadine and Nikolas give into their passion

**Turns out Lulu may not have been as crazy as everyone thought!

**Claudia and Ric get even hotter but what's Ric's secret?

**Luke's return brings Tracy "back" as well, we'll see more of her soon.

**It's Robin's turn to convince Patrick

**Two powerhouses make a secret alliance

**Kate's wedding day dawns, but she's got a bad feeling about it all...we know she's shot, do we know if she'll walk again?

**Olivia whispers a secret at Kate's bedside, one that has to do with Sonny's DNA
Who shot Kate? AZ but Sonny's out for Karpov's blood.

Tracy wants Johnny to know exactly what he's facing with Lulu

Nikolas thinks Lulu needs a change of venue to get well.

Jason goes along with Max and Milo's pretense that they run 'dabusiness"

Nikolas wants to buy Jax's half of the Metro Court.

It's Robin's turn to ask Patrick if he'll marry her.

Monica delivers the news about Kate's operation to Sonny.

Word on the street is that Johnny takes Lulu out of Shadybrook to the wedding.

Kate's shot in the chest and is taken to GH

Liz is injured

Liason's trip is on hold

Nadine feels EMILY'S presence in Wyndemere.

Diane doesn't like the look in Max's dad's eye!

Did you hear that TG is going to be on the Night Shift finale too?

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Re: Wubs Spoilers 9/27

Post  jasefan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:25 pm

Thank you for posting these.. lol!

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