Wubs Spoilers 9/29

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Wubs Spoilers 9/29

Post  Guest on Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:03 pm

My comments in Blue

**RUMOR: THE STING may happen..only it's not with Jason/Sonny...it's with Sonny and Claudia! Stay tuned!! Wow!

**Claudia finds out Ric and Trevor's secret, she tells Sonny Yay!

**Jerry saves Alexis, but is it enough to save their relationship? No

**Seems Luke wasn't all in the dark about Laura after all.Say Wha!?

**Scotty and Luke have another "tiff" Rouns 2,354

**Matt and Patrick try to reach an understanding. Noah feels shut out. Dang.I actually feel bad for Noah.

**Sonny tells Jason: Step Aside, I want back in! Not gonna happen.

**Anthony has a nasty plan up his sleeve Watch it backfire.

**I hear Ric goes ballistic when he finds out about Trevor and Cardia! Will he aim it at him,or her?

**Tracy has her own ideas about Laura Interesting.

**Johnny leaves Lulu for "her own good" which sends her deeper into depression Yay!

**Patrick finds out about Sonny's son Dang.

**Scrubs WILL set a date Yay

**Nadine and Nikolas give into their passion Whoo-hoo!!

**Turns out Lulu may not have been as crazy as everyone thought! Great.

**Claudia and Ric get even hotter but what's Ric's secret? Mystery.

**Luke's return brings Tracy "back" as well, we'll see more of her soon. Groovy

**It's Robin's turn to convince Patrick What will he say?

**Two powerhouses make a secret alliance Ooooh,I wonder who it will be?


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Re: Wubs Spoilers 9/29

Post  jasefan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:27 pm

Thank you.. flower

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