Wubs 10/08

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Wubs 10/08

Post  Guest on Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:38 pm

My comments in Blue

**Twists and Turns; is someone really dead or is it all a ruse to get what they want? Depends on who is dead,or supposedly dead.

**Alexis wants to search Sam's apartment for a clue. Great.

**Robin decides a C-section would be the best way to go. Good idea.

**Olivia tells AZ where to go. Straight to hell!

**Johnny wants Ric to betray Anthony and Trevor. Ric says no way. Of course

**Carly walks in on Nikadine Typical

**Olivia stays with Kate to help her recover. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

**Tracey tries to bribe, she lands into trouble! Who does she try to bribe?

**Max is astonished when Claudia goes along with his facade She'll want something in return.

**Jerry decides that two women need to be taught a lesson Nadine and Sam?

**Maid of Honor? Maxie...Best Man? Coleman! Wow.

**Sonny gets Karpov right where he wants him What will he do?

**Crimson gets ransacked! Who dunit?

**Sam gets caught on tape. Uh-oh!


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Re: Wubs 10/08

Post  jasefan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:29 pm

Thank you.. flower

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