WUBS for week of 11/9

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WUBS for week of 11/9

Post  Guest on Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:22 pm

Emma Grace!

**Inside: SOD is reporting that Guza is not doing his "HUGE story/twist" in November. He says he's postponing it.

Good stuff this week: Laura goes to the Q mansion to confront Tracy!

**Jake is kidnapped, Liz, Sam and Jason race against time to get him back.

**Thanksgiving? I hear it will be "dreamy"!

**Maxie is drugged by the Russian mobulars. Spin vows revenge!

**Ric learns that Sonny is accepting Anthony's offer and isn't happy about it...at all.

**Patrick has a "Jimmy Stewart" moment

**Jax has a whopper of a surprise for Nikolas

**Carly lies to protect Sonny

**Tracy tells Luke: It's ovah!

**Laura meets Nadine and Johnny, learns about Jake

**Lions, Fires and BOMBS, oh my!

**Robin's recovery is slow...

**Spinelli comes up with a brilliant plan.

**Sonny becomes the head of the Z organization

I hear Robert Scorpio may make a short appearence in November or December Keep those fingers crossed.

Keep an eye out for something you may not believe. But is really, really true!

Sam is saved by a bullet proof vest

Jason is arrested. Again. Wrongly. Again. (arson)

I hear Sonny is arrested. Again. (Karpov)

Sam and Liz flee to "the cabin" for safety, but guess what? Not safe at all.

Sam makes an admission about Jason that surprises even her.

Sonny needs Carly's help after Karpov is found murdered.

Jax isn't convinced Jerry is dead.

RUMOR: A MAJOR Port Charles landmark burns down.

Karpov is killed, setting off a HUGE chain of events

Leslie and Laura will see each other!

New house for Scrubs!

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Re: WUBS for week of 11/9

Post  KegVaughanacoRocks on Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:08 pm

Phoenix wrote:

RUMOR: A MAJOR Port Charles landmark burns down.

I read about this somewhere else. Supposedly Kelly's is going to burn down. If this is true, I am going to be so PISSED! mad as hell I think Kelly's is probably the set that has been in use the longest other than the hospital, but why should we expect anything less of Luza?

In honor of her Evil Highness, the Majesty herself:

Thank you Amy for the awesome banners!

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