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Post  Guest on Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:18 am

**Scotty tells Laura she has to do what he says or he'll turn Lulu in for Logan's death

**Wedding Water Works--in more ways than one!

**Sam tries to get Lucky to understand her course of action

**Patrick's late to his own wedding.

**Laura's back Oct. 23rd but won't see Luke until the end of Oct.

They are casting for Dante...dimples and all. Guza says he may not show up until AFTER November Sweeps!

**Spinelli ends up in a padded cell

**Mystery woman bails Luke out of Jail

**Robin's water breaks at an unfortunate moment

**Sonny finds out Olivia has a son, but not that he's his son.

**Sonny and Claudia go to Scrubs wedding together

**Robin lapses into a coma after having the baby; Patrick panics

**Matt and Maxie kiss

**Sonny agrees to Marry Claudia; but Claudia has other ideas

**Sonny tells Kate to have a nice life and walks away.

**Will they marry? Jason and Claudia, that is... seems the Justice of the Peace thinks they shouldn't!

**Scotty blackmails Laura

**Adventure of Spencers begins!

**Will Claudia and Jason marry? Only if they can convince the justice of the peace to let them!

**Big-old fashioned Spencer Adventure coming! Luke, Laura, Scott, Tracey--fun to be had.

**Alexis tries to help Jax through his marriage break up.

**Nadine still thinks something's up between Carly and Nikolas

**Johnny chases after Lulu

**Luke realizes Edward won't help HIM or Tracy

**Kate tries to get Olivia to spill the truth to Sonny

**Claudia has a grand Idea for Jason to put a crimp in her Daddy's plans for Sonny.

**Jerry sets Sam up for a giant fall

**Jax decides to buy something out from under Nikolas.

**Robin gets a baby shower.

**Lulu gets busted out of Shadybrook


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Post  jasefan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:58 pm

Thank you.. smooches

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