GHH Spoilers 11/17

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GHH Spoilers 11/17

Post  JohnnyAngel on Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:21 am

GHH Spoilers
Thread Started on Nov 12, 2008, 11:58am

From Shirley at General Hospital Happenings

Week of November 17th

11/17 Sonny arrives to his office is going up in flames,
Olivia (who has passed out) is still inside. He rushes
in and carries her out.
Robin, Patrick and Emma head home from the hospital,
light comedy follows.
Lucky's arrival at Sam's puts a crimp in the thugs' plans;
Maxie learns that Sam and Lucky's breakup was faked.
Maxie is followed again when she leaves Sam's.
Sasha informs her Russian syndicate boss that
payback is proceeding as planned.
Carly rips up Jax's divorce papers and engages
Diane to fight the divorce.
Claudia thinks that Johnny needs to give up Lulu
for the good of the family; Lulu learns of her
plans to marry Sonny.
Nadine tells a startled Nik she'll marry him so
he can stay in the U.S.A..
Sonny informs Jason that the fire was payback for Karpov;
Jason rejects Sonny's suggestion that they work together
to fight the Russians, he says he is cutting all of his
connections to Sonny.
Lulu waxes nostalgic about Kelly's with Johnny.
Maxie is grabbed by the Russian thugs in the park.
Spinelli discovers Maxie, unconcious, on the steps at the park
a la Georgie.
Liz arrives as Jason is informing Cody that they will be
retaliating in force against the Russians.

11/18 Carly demands to know if Jax intends to sleep with Kate.
Kate exhibits jealousy when observing Sonny
visiting with Olivia at GH.
Unable to get thru to 911, Spin carries Maxie out of the park.
Jason explains to Liz that she and the boys should not be
around him right now. Liz understands but she despairs of
there ever being a time for them. Lucky is not pleased to
see Liz with Jason in public.
Claudia explains to Ric that she will be marrying Sonny
so he and the Z's can fight the Russians together;
Ric wonders if she wants him to talk her out of it.
Nic tells Carly of his deportation problems
(thanks to Jax); Nadine's insecurity
and wacky take on the situation warms Nik's heart.
At GH, Spin confides the trauma of seeing Maxie on the
park steps, in Leyla.
Spin is relieved to learn Maxie will be OK, but pours his
heart out to her before she comes to.
Mac makes it clear he wants Spin far away from Maxie.
Kate tells Carly she won, she can have Sonny.
Kate and Oliva argue about Sonny and Dante.
Johnny and Lulu discuss his yearning to break free
of his family.
Jax surprises Nik by announcing he has bought Sthingy Island!
After consulting his computer, Spin heads out to defend
his fair lady, armed with a gun.
Claudia pulls Sonny into a kiss, they are observed by Kate.
Sam works to convince Jason that she can be useful
to him against the Russians since she is seen as an insider.
Sam points out that she is not Liz, she can handle herself.

Some tidbits between now and Turkey Day....

Sam offers her services for hire to Sasha
and keeps Lucky informed.

Jason and Cody prepare for a big showdown with the
Russian syndicate, Jason intends to leave no survivors inside
the warehouse. Unbeknownst to them, Sam is inside as
the bullets start to fly. Kevlar, thanks to Lucky, saves Sam's life.

With her cover exposed to Sasha, Sam and Liz, along with her boys, will be
heading out of town together for their own safety at Jason and Lucky's urging...
and walking right into danger.

Spin comes up with the perfect alibi when Jason is arrested: Interpol.

Sam slips into the dual role of female action hero and
cheerleader with ease.
She's an adrenaline junkie and loving it.
She gets the shotgun.

Liz plays the young mother in distress but don't underestimate her.
She is more than capable of coming thru in a pinch.
Still, she would rather be elsewhere.
She gets the handgun.

Liz will save Sam's life by shooting and
killing the Russian thug attacking Sam , but Jake is snatched
just before Jason arrives.

Luke and Johnny play a game of cards
and make a deal to get the Haunted Star open again.

Tracy overhears Luke admitting to Lulu that it was Laura's
decision to leave him behind.

Tracy declares that her marriage is over. Alan doesn't think so!
Luke insists he will not let Tracy go.

Jax announces his plans to knock down Nik's stables and
build a destination spa, and that is not the only punch he delivers.
Speaking of stables, although she would prefer to stay and help Nik,
Nadine must leave town for a while to ride a horse.

Carly tries to intercede with Jax on Nik's behalf.

Spinelli's plans for Maxinista's Revenge threaten to go horribly awry,
luckily, Johnny suddenly appears to lend him a hand with the Russians.

Sonny intercepts a call from Dante.

Sonny admits to Olivia that years ago he asked Kate out as revenge
for Olivia dumping him.

Sonny and Anthony come to an agreement regarding his joining the Z's.
Jason refuses Olivia's plea to intervene.

Olivia and Carly get drunk and have an enlightening girltalk
which will reveal Olivia's feelings for Sonny,
and reaffirm Carly's feelings for Jax.

Olivia witnesses Sonny's proposal to Claudia as he
presents her with an impressive sparkler.

Sonny confides in Carly telling her he now believes Karpov wasn't
behind Kate's shooting. He suspects Anthony engineered it
and he aims get to the truth from the inside.. He gives Carly a
gun for protection.

Claudia assures Ric with a kiss that nothing between them
will change as she and Sonny prepare to marry.

Their wedding ceremony is held at Anthony's place,
Claudia says her "I do's", will Sonny?

Johnny goes ballistic at the thought of his sister marrying Sonny
and announces he is leaving the family.

Kate and Jax share champaigne and passion by the fireplace.
Carly gets an eyeful as their clothes start to come off.
Carly pulls out the gun Sonny gave her and approaches them...

Patrick and Robin spend the 26th of November in dreamland... .

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Re: GHH Spoilers 11/17

Post  jasefan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:07 am

Thanks for posting flower

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Re: GHH Spoilers 11/17

Post  KeMofan on Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:14 am

Thanks so much for posting...


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Re: GHH Spoilers 11/17

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