Wubs 11/28

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Wubs 11/28

Post  Guest on Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:23 pm

A Marriage made in Mobular-Land!

**Get ready for another explosion! This time Sam and Jason are involved.

**Matt and Maxie test the waters

**Jason and Sam are trapped!

**Edward is at his wit's end with Tracy and turns to Luke for help.

**RUMOR: Maxie and Lulu move in together.

**Sonny tells Ric to stay away from Claudia.

**Spinelli hatches some fun Christmas plans!

**Tracy and Luke try to work it out after he finds out her truth

**Carly wants Nikolas' help for a little revenge

**Sonny and Claudia? Do they consumate the marriage? Claudia will try her darndest!

**Nadine wants her Aunt Raylene to have her dying wish

**Jake's finally home safe, and Liz realizes she can't be with Jason ever again...(:eyeroll:)

**Sasha? DOA.

**Sonny has big plans. Claudia finds out something that could help him, will she tell?

**Olivia is attacked!

**Robin suffers from PPD.

**Lulu acts as a spy for her cousin.

**Kate's humiliated at her own party.

**Tracy tries to pull the wool over Luke's eyes.

Lulu wants more from Johnny

Baby Emma's earache has Daddy in a twitter!

Johnny decides to try another occupation (what was his first? Hmmmmm)

Carly has a great idea to find out just who Dante is

FBI agent comes to town to help with the Mob-Mess

Alan gives Tracy advice; but she doesn't want to take it

Nadine has some skeletons in that there closet!

Ric starts to resent Sonny and Claudia...big time.

Carly wants to take over Crimson.

The new Mrs. Corinthos throws her weight around Port Charles

Death One: Sasha Death Two: ?

Lulu gets an earful from Claudia

Patrick wants Robin to put off going back to work.

Alexis refuses to let Jason outta jail, even when Diane tells her the consequences

Carly takes aim at Kate and Jax!

Sonny tells Jason he's to blame for not protecting his family

Liz realizes some harsh truths; vows not to repeat them ever again.

Nikolas finds himself close to nature; much too close!

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Re: Wubs 11/28

Post  KeMofan on Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:58 pm

Thanks so much for posting! thank you


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Re: Wubs 11/28

Post  jasefan on Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:16 am

Thank you for posting sunny

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Re: Wubs 11/28

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