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Post  Guest on Sat Oct 04, 2008 1:05 am

My comments in Blue

Wubs 10/02 Vindi

Big Daddy flirts with Diane! Uh-oh!

**Jason says a big NO to Sonny when he demands to take back "dabizness" Good!!

**Paint leads to Passion for Liason. barfing

**Karpov decides Alexis must go... Oh,no!!

**Johnny's temper goes out of control Not good

**Kate and Diane have an important chat About Sonny?Or is son?

**Mac Daddy consoles Robin Yay

**Olivia braces for her secret to come out but tries to protect herself from all sides. Yeesh

**Carly sells her share of The Metro to Nikolas Jax'll be pissed!

**Patrick is conflicted over knowing that Sonny has another son What will he do?

**Claudia meets Olivia. BA-BOOM! Ooh,catfight!

**Maximus Gambetti arrives in PC to see his sons, Milo and Max Jr. Another crime player in town makes Mac nervous! This is not gonna end well.Mac is right to be nervous!

When Luke gets back, he steps into a mess...

What other connection do Claudia and Nikolas share? What,indeed?

Karpov needs to go back to Russia...but he'll be baaaaaaaack! He needs to die!

Sam goes deeper into the Karpov organization Yikes!

AZ realizes Jason's weakness is through Liz Hope she dies.

Jason's got a double crosser in his ranks RUMOR: It's Cody Ah,Cody,it's been nice having you around.

Claudia might have to align herself with an enemy to get what she wants.

Look for Sonny/Jason to be Redford/Newman in "The Sting"...

Anna and Noah get hot Wow!

Rumor has it Jerry wants to marry Alexis! Let that stay a rumor!


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Post  jasefan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:28 pm

Thank you.. flower

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